Dr. Insecta's Incredible Unforgettable Bug Lab

Friday, June 7, 2019-
Sunday, June 9, 2019

June 7th – Friday      

3-6:00pm         Stop between 3 and 6:00pm at Beach Area to capture and Handle your own Butterflies and Beetles.   

7:00-8:15pm    Kidz Bingo and Nature – Messerly Recreation Center – Shelter Area

7:30pm            Adult Bingo – Pick a Bag - Messerly Recreation Center


 June 8th – Saturday

11:00am         Adult Fitness Walk – Meet at Eagle Point Shelter –

12:00pm         Explore of Nature Program and Crafts with Miss Sarah and activities – Eagle Point   Shelter              

2:00pm            Archery for adults and Kidz – Messerly recreation Center

3:30pm             Pollinators - Adults – What is your role? – What is a pollinator and why they are important? Miss Sarah – Messerly Recreation Center - Surprise at end of program

4:30pm-            Kidz Pool games – Pool Eagle Point

7:00pm             Incredible Bug Lab with Dr. Insecta – Messerly Recreation Center

8:30-10:00pm       at Eagle Point shelter area and discover the secret world of moths And play moths games. Followed by Moths Ice Cream Treats.  

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