Pool at Eagle Point Campground to Remain Closed Until Further Notice

May 28, 2020

The staff at Charles Mill Lake Park were happy to welcome park guests over the Memorial Day weekend! We remain grateful to be open and provide a place for everyone to enjoy the outdoors, now more than ever. We are thankful that our guests followed social distancing guidelines, so that we are able to stay open.

We have been working with state and local health officials to determine how or if we can open the pool at the located at Eagle Point Campground.  This is the only pool that MWCD owns, and while a small pool, we know how important it is to our camper guests.  However, given the small size of the pool, coupled with the rigorous guidelines for opening and managing pools, it is not feasible to open the pool at this time.  We apologize for the inconvenience  and will continue to reevaluate this decision.  If the current regulations on pools is modified where we feel we can open, we will re-open the pool immediately. Thank you for your patience!

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