Lots for the 2018 Seasonal Lottery at Charles Mill Campground

By Adria Bergeron

March 14, 2018

Saturday, March 17 is the Seasonal Camper Lottery!

The 1st lottery will start at 10am and the 2nd and 3rd lotteries will begin at 1pm running consecutively until completed.  The break between the 1st and 2nd lotteries will allow customers an opportunity to update their list of available lots and visually inspect the lots that have become available as a result of the 1st lottery.  Following the lottery, we ask that all customers who are required to relocate be on their newly assigned lot no later than April 1st

Here is the list of lots that will be available in this year's lottery: 

  Lottery 2018
Main Camp Eagle Point 
60  411 
70WF 418 
80  429 
82  451 
84  461 
87  484 
91  549 
94  562 
139  570 
153  571 
157  577 


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