Welcome to Charles Mill Lake Park

I want to personally thank you for your interest in Charles Mill Lake Park. My staff and I strive to make your stay here, whether for a day, week, or the whole summer, as memorable as possible. Our staff will help you in any way to make your stay enjoyable.

It’s here where I come to escape the noise and stress of life. I’ve grown up at this park, having worked here since 1996 and while life has changed and progressed, nature has remained the same. The lake is always beautiful and ready for fishing, swimming, or boating. The camp sites are places to go to escape, even just for a bit, from reality; to connect with friends and family over a camp fire, roast marshmallows and tell stories. The sunsets over the lake look like they have been painted. It is truly breathtaking to witness one. Come reconnect with old friends, bring your family, or just that special someone. Spend a weekend. I know you will be hooked, just like I was so long ago, once you get here.

Steven Rice,
Park Manager

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We issue alerts regarding imminent threats to health and safety, and updates that affect activities or property in and around the lake.